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Circle of Health Action Plan - Template

Use this template to see how the Circle of Health can help you take action on an issue.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (ON) provided this template, a modified version of a template created by Eastern Health (NL), for organizations to use when creating an action plan.


Quotes from Circle of Health users:

"[We] use the Circle of Health in versatile ways; as a program planning model, a framework to map out multilevel interventions, to examine the target populations and to do needs assessment.”

"[The Circle of Health is] a tool to view health issues wholly e.g. from every area that is impacted so as to not look at the topic from one perspective."

“[The Circle of Health is] a practical and comprehensive tool that provides a framework for health promotion program planning; a tool to provide common language among collaborators in health and health promotion; a valuable tool for visual learners.”