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Circle of Health - French

The Circle of Health was created in English and has been translated into 5 additional languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian. It can be purchased online in French and English. Contact us at or 1-800-898-1066 or 902-894-3399 if you would like copies printed in another language.

This image shows the front and back of the removable Circle of Health wheel. The full kit includes a copy of the circle with moveable rings, plus a plain-language learning guide and a background document which tells the story of its development, and in-depth information about the framework.

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Use the Circle of Health to help you understand health as a dynamic process which involves many people and strategies. It provides a common language for collaborators, and can help people to navigate better solutions for social complexities. The accompanying learning guide provides definitions and explanations in plain language to make it accessible to all audiences.

Quotes from Circle of Health users:

""The Circle of Health gives me something concrete and visual to bring to different sectors or disciplines that may speak to them about how we all play a role.”

“The Circle of Health takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to health promotion. It has a great visual depiction of health, the Ottawa Charter strategies for health promotion, determinants of health, and values and beliefs inherent in health promotion. With the current trend in health care seeming to move from hospital based, curative care, to health promotion and illness prevention, this framework has great potential for implementation at a national level.”

“I see it having broad application for students in many disciplines; continuing education for nurses, physicians, social workers, teachers etc; health policy/planners, local government, public health, politicians at all levels.”

“The Circle of Health is a combination of what health promotion has been trying to put across to professionals for years. It is easy to use and very practical in any setting”.